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Folding Table Plan - Extending Dining Room Table - Kitchen Table Chair.

Folding Table Plan

folding table plan

folding table plan - Folding Card

Folding Card Table Plans (Woodworking Project Paper Plan)

Folding Card Table Plans (Woodworking Project Paper Plan)

Enjoy game night and then clean up the clutter with ease with this Folding Card Table. This 32" square card or game table folds to half its size to become an attractive and compact wall or console table. Simply fold one half of the top onto the other half and push the accordion-hinged rails into recess. Plan details all inner workings. All joinery is shown in actual size, curved workpieces are all in full size and you can measure and trace straight from the drawing. A bill of materials doubles as an exact cutting list, there is a detailed exploded diagram, and all hardware requirements are provided.

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Volpe Nico mrrs, looking upset. "Heya Amrys.. don't plan on going anywhere.. "

Amrys nods, expression serious for once.

Beast looks around calling out, "What's up?" She wondered if she needed her weapons

Volpe sighs.. "Come on up and grab a seat.. lets see who else shows up."

Beast nods and goes over to sit on the kitchen table

Amrys leans on the counter.

Beast looks down at her quivering hands, they seemed larger, and much more solid than usual. She looks over seeing Taik and smiles to her a little bit, saying, "Hey you."

Taik gives a nod of her head to Beast before turning her gaze towards V. "What's up?"

Beast mrrs, "Something like this... I think we're going to need explosives, but that's just my cynical thoughts."

Volpe: "I'll explain when Jes and Ravi get here.."

Taik rolls her eyes with a little shake of her head. "Don't get my hopes up again. I don't think I can stand making anymore bombs without a use for them."

Beast nods, "I've always got a use for them.... I'll help you this time, if we do need to make them."

Taik coughs softly. "And I think Elise will kill me if I store any more in the den."

Amrys listens quietly, trying to decide how much of the conversation was in jest, or if any of it was at all.

Beast nods, "Taik... I've got a place... Just can't store too many."

Taik raises a brow slightly before turning to look Beast over. "Hon, my bombs won't fit in your pants."

Beast rolls her eyes, "I've got an apartment."

Taik smirks a bit at Beast before glancing down at her phone, her gaze soon shifting back to V. "Why do I get the feeling this has something to do with the bird I saw leaving towards Levi?"

Beast shrugs, "Why do I have the feeling I'm about to kill a lot of people?"

Volpe frowns.. "Beast.. not now.. "

Amrys turns to Taik. "Bird?"

Beast shrugs, "I wasn't actually joking this time. I have the pre-slaughter feeling running through me..."

Volpe looks around.. "This is it, huh? I don't have time to wait for anyone else (which is fine since there are no other cats on), so we're going ahead."

Jes hurries on inside, finding the other cats as she headed up tot he kitchen, looking around with a frown, something big had to be going on for the messages on the text channel...

Volpe: "Who here heard the dropship about an hour or two ago?"

Taik gives off another soft cough. "Beast.. you always have that feeling." She retorts before giving a nod at Amrys. "Bird, gunship. Or a dropship in this case."

Beast shrugged, "Yeah. If that's what it was."

Jes shakes her head, had been in the basement where she couldn't hear much of anything from outside. "What'd they do this time?"

Volpe: "They took Elise.."

Ravi pins her ears back flat, and lashes her tail, murmuring. "How'd you find out? Who else knows?"

Taik promptly facepalms. "Now that's just bold."

Volpe: "Bails was told by Caty, the young girl whom Elise has been trying to help."

Beast nods, "Like I said, I have that pre-slaughter feeling. I'm personally planning on doing my fair share, V, even taking a little extra on the work load... at least when it comes to killing those bastards."

Volpe: "Beast, shut it. Now isn't the time for that kind of talk.."

Amrys pins her ears back. "Shit."

Jes glares, trying to form a plan on something she knows nearly nothing about, "I assume nobody has been able to contact her?"

Taik raises a hand in front of Beast. "V's right, we can't just run in, guns a blazin'. They'd just as soon kill Elise, I'm sure, than to let us run in and get her back."

Volpe sighs.. "I wouldn't have put out such a high priority call if it was as simple as that, Jes.. she's been known to turn her PDA off when she's snogging the priest.."

Beast shrugs, "I'm not the most tactful one, Taik, if you haven't noticed. Just tell me where to go and who to kill and keep your mind at ease."

Volpe clenches her fist, trying to ignore Beast for now. "We have an eye-witness who says she was taken, and I have footage from the Den cameras of a dropship landing at the cemetary, then taking off not long afterward and heading to Levi."

Amrys frowns, listening quietly.

Ravi speaks up, and murmurs. 'Speaking of priests.. has anyone told Eamon?.."

Volpe: "He's with Bails now."

Beast sighed, "Now that I'm done with my killing ideas I have an actual idea...Let's talk about what's going to happen or what we're going to do rather than worry about what -already- happened.""

Ravi nods. "Good.."

Volpe sighs.. "You'd think I was in here brading Jes's hair.. fuck.. here's what we're going to do. We need to find out where they took El

Sewing/Craft Room (in progress)

Sewing/Craft Room (in progress)

So before my boyfriend built me a sewing desk (he is a carpenter and also awesome), that room looked awful. Instead of a desk, I used a tiny folded table containing another sewing machine (that didn't work) to use mine. There wasn't any room to walk, due to clothes, fabrics, papers, supplies, and so on covering the floor. Every time I needed to sew I would spend about 20 minutes looking for the ruler or for the scissors or god knows what else. I'm so happy I have a table now! With storage! I'm planning to decoupage it in the near future. I clean and sorted everything out, put up pictures on the walls, and made the curtains.

folding table plan

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