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Bar Height Table Bases

bar height table bases

Damu on a murder mission

Damu on a murder mission

This drawing is actually a few years old but I just got done writing a new Leo and Damu story based on it-

The tales of Leo Wayfarer and Damu the Kenku Assassin as told by Leo Wayfarer to his nephew Leto Colins: 9 of 33- Piss Granny and the Murdered Mistress.

There was one mission that Damu and I did, the first real dirty one that left me uncomfortable. When we took assignments that came directly from the Empire rather then from bounties that people placed legally through the Empire they sometimes had dirty business for the reasons behind it. It wasn’t all killing Hobgoblins and Pirates. We were in really good standing with army liaisons that hired mercenaries at that point and they knew we could handle difficult and bizarre jobs.

This one wasn’t that hard, in fact it was pretty easy, it was just weird and sad. I never knew the full details, though I picked up a few pieces on the way. The army liaisons always looked for me first at bar and brothels before the knocked on my door, but this was right after we did that first job for Alzeya and I was her man of the moment, so they found me drunk in her garden banging her in a fountain of little angels peeing. Those guys had a knack for timing.

I got dressed real quick and Alzeya just played in water naked splashing me. I remember still how beautiful and playful she was before what happened to her. I still feel bad and hold myself partially to blame. But that’s another story. Anyhow so I’m in this garden drunk pulling up pants to talk to a stiff assed guy in a uniform holding a contract and a two bags of gems. I quickly learned that when they offer gems and not coin its because they don’t want imperial currency connected to anything that could be tied to them.

I was told that there was a girl, a kept girl of interests that I didn’t need to acquire into, that lived in a villa in the capital city of Elaine. She was to killed as was anyone found in the villa and that we should make it look like a Pirate raid. I agreed at first not really thinking anything of it. When I sobered up I realized how fucked up the situation was.

I’ve killed women over the years, but they were mostly Witches throwing fireballs at me, you know women who stood fair chances at actually killing me. I didn’t like the idea of killing an unknown girl for unknown reasons. I knew Damu wouldn’t give a shit, so I rationalized that he would do it. That’s how I talked myself into it.

Also I didn’t want to piss off any Pirates by framing them, not any Pirates who could get back to me anyway. I asked Alzeya about Pirates I could pin it on and she recommended an obscure faction from Stiradon called Swords of the Sun who were religious fanatics that were not only in decline, but were in decline because they tried to fight with the Regentum colony of Hamon over their Paganism versus the Imperial faith. I took the tip and I guess it worked as none of the swords of the sun ever came after me.

I went to the Kenku holding to get Damu and as I walked up a group of brown hooded Kenku were throwing a dead Kenku into a gully that ran next to the old tower they squatted. I knew that Kenku had to have fucked up pretty bad because as far as I knew when a Kenku died they mounted the body in a high up place, so if they through to the ground in death, that was the biggest insult possible. They left that poor bastard bird to get eaten by rats and wild dogs in the trash covered waters that flowed by their dilapidated roost. That building always cracked me up as I knew that the Scardale Kenku were actually rich. They were after all a successful clan of Assassins. The inside of the old tower was pretty slick and decked out, plus they owned a bunch of businesses and buildings with paid off humans running them. I guess they had to play up their mystique of ruthless ghetto scavengers.

They chuckled when they saw me and said “Oh Jukka we’ll get Damu for you”, which is what they all called me. For years I thought “Jukka” met good human, or human friend, but as I learned their language over the years I found it met “pet human”, as they thought of me as Damu’s pet sword slinging human. As far as they were concerned I was just there to do all the grunt fighting for him while he was off killing the important people. I can’t say though that that wasn’t often the case.

It was hard getting a boat to Elaine with Damu in tow, and was too far to go by wagon. No one wanted to be responsible for bringing a Kenku to the city of the Emperor, even with our military contract. We waited for two weeks and ended up sailing in a shipping boat owned by Alzeya. We had two days before the boat sailed back to Scardale.

Elaine is city of cruel contradiction. While Scardale has its rich and its poor, and certainly Scardale is brooding factory slum filled with whores, sailors, criminals and the over worked it’s not supposed to be the center of Gods will on the World. Elaine is really four cities, old Elaine that was destroyed and rebuilt in

Very Empty Dining Room/EIK

Very Empty Dining Room/EIK

I don't want to fill this area up too much, because I do like open space. Since we have two barstools that aren't really doing anything (left over from when we had a bar counter in the kitchen at our old apt), I was thinking of picking up a small bar height table somewhere. And I spied a tall, narrow, and cute floor shelf that would work well in that corner.
I also have a bunch of 8x10(ish) sized vintage ads that I plan on framing and adorning the bar wall with. I'm also probably gonna paint that wooden base to match the wall.

Anyone have any other ideas for this room?

bar height table bases

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