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Rectangle Kitchen Tables

rectangle kitchen tables

rectangle kitchen tables - Winsome Wood

Winsome Wood Chinois End Table

Winsome Wood Chinois End Table

Chinois End Table with Shelf made of solid wood in antique walnut finish. Assembly required

Add a bit of Asian Zen to a lackluster room or create an entire Silk Road-inspired decor with the help of Winsome Wood's Chinois table collection. Made of sturdy solid wood with a rich Antique Walnut stain, each piece features signature Asian design elements including a winged top, bold geometric detailing, and a minimalist, angular silhouette. This end table works well next to a sofa or bed and has a large bottom shelf for extra display and storage. Adorned with a book on the Great Wall of China and a rice-paper lamp or a soothing water fountain, this table offers stylish character and easy elegance. It measures 20.9 inches wide by 20 inches deep by 20 inches high. Assembly is required. --Kara Karll

85% (13)

A Kiss in Space

A Kiss in Space

A Kiss in Space

That the picture
in The Times is a blur
is itself an accuracy. Where
this has happened is so remote
that clarity would misrepresent
not only distance but our feeling
about distance: just as
the first listeners at the telephone
were somehow reassured to hear
static that interfered with hearing
(funny word, static, that conveys
the atom's restlessness), we're
not even now--at the far end
of the century--entirely ready
to look to satellites for mere

resolution. When the Mir
invited the first American
astronaut to swim in the pool
of knowledge with the Russians, he floated
exactly as he would have in space
stations of our own: no lane
to stay in, no line to determine
the deep end, Norman Thagard
hovered on the ceiling something
like an angel in a painting
(but done without the hard
outlines of Botticelli; more
like a seraph's sonogram),
and turned to Yelena Kondakova
as his cheek received her kiss.

And in this
too the blur made sense: a kiss
so grave but gravity-free, untouched
by Eros but nevertheless
out of the usual orbit, must
make a heart shift focus. The very
grounding in culture (they gave him bread
and salt, as Grandmother would a guest
at her dacha; and hung the Stars
and Stripes in a stiff crumple
because it would not fall), the very
Russianness of the bear hugs was
dizzily universal: for who
knows how to signal anything
new without a ritual?

Not the kitchen-table
reader (child of the Cold War,
of 3x5 cards, carbon copies,
and the manila folder), who takes a pair
of scissors--as we do when the size
of some idea surprises--and clips
this one into a rectangle
much like her piece of toast. There:
it's saved, to think of later.
Yet it would be unfair
to leave her looking smug; barely
a teenager when she watched, on
her snowy TV screen, a man
seeming to walk on the moon, she's
learned that some detail--

Virtual Reality or e-mail,
something inexplicable and
unnatural--is always cropping up
for incorporation in what's human.
What ought to make it manageable,
and doesn't quite, is the thought
of humans devising it. She'll
remember Norman Thagard in June,
when the Mir (meaning Peace: but how
imagine this without agitation?)
docks with the Atlantis (meaning
the island Plato mentioned first
and which, like him, did not disappear
without a splash), to shuttle
the traveler back home--or

to whatever Earth has become.

Mary Jo Salter

Next Generation Image Stabilization

Next Generation Image Stabilization

Came 5th at

I took a photo of my arm of a white background, using a tripod angled in such a way that the camera points vertically down, and used the onboard flash, then dismembered it in photoshopped and added the flange on the end from another of my photos.

Printed out my arm on A3 paper, and cut out a rectangle and made curved "doors" from kitchen foil, this is then taped over an extendible table, with a gap where the rectangle is. Then I made a vaguely machine like thingy from all sort of bits lying around and sunk this into the table. Then took a picture of this in with EXACTLY the same setup as the arm (with the flash). I know it creates shadows, but they are the same shadows, so i reasoned it might make it look a bit more "real". On the final shot, apart from levels, there is no photoshoping.

There are a few bits I'm not happy with, highlights on the "doors" and my hand looks a tad pink, also there isnt much of a shadow on the flange on the end of my arm, I tried to photoshop it, but it look real bad, so I thought if i leave it - only a few people will notice it, but if i do it BAD everyone will pick up on it!

rectangle kitchen tables

rectangle kitchen tables

Ateco 3 Piece Rectangle Cutter Set

Ateco's Rectangle Cutter Set includes 3 pieces. Cutters are made of stainless steel and range in diameter from 1 1/2 to 4 1/2-inches. All are 2-inches tall. Space and time saving design; cutters nest within one another. Use to cut pastry, dough, or as a form for food. By Ateco. Since 1905, Ateco has supplied fine restaurants and bakeries with quality built, specialty baking tools. Ateco products are internationally renowned for their high quality. When you use Ateco products, you’re not only enjoying quality craftsmanship, you’re also enjoying quality design; the products are a result of over one hundred years and four generations of innovation and development.

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